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Guardians of Myth: Legends Reborn
A novel by: J.J. Hartley

Golden Dagger

The Guardians of Myth hold the keys to unlocking the past....

Paul Marconi thought it would be just another ordinary morning at the office, until a visitor with supernatural powers unexpectedly paid him a visit, claiming to be his biological father. Paul recognized him as the man who was responsible for the death of his mother.

Following advice left to him by his mother, Paul sets out to find the one woman who can protect him from his father. He travels to the far reaches of Africa to find Natasha, who he soon discovers possesses her own supernatural abilities.

Paul learns the secrets of the old world. A world ruled by ancient, immortal beings that have been responsible for a great number of ancient myths and legends. He embarks on a journey, with the help of Natasha, and discovers that his father is trying to take over the world...


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